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Our Simple Thai Buddhist Wedding

Thailand Weddings offers you simple northern Thailand weddings at a price that can not be compared.

Costs: 49,000 Baht

Most simple weddings will cost 49,000 Baht depending on how many people you invite (2 guests are always included free, we love to have friends and family come share the Thai experience). May be customized to a maxium of 5 guests. terms

Our Simple Thai Wedding - retains all the features of a real Thai Buddhist wedding not a theme Buddhist wedding.

thai marriage certificate

On arrival we normally :

    • Will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel room . Help get you checked in.(We can pre-arrange the hotel bookings at a good discount a almost any hotels in the north (see our couples best recommended list)
    • Then depending on arrival time we will arrange a time to pick you up go to the local consult to get the paper work started, if you choose this legal option. You only pay the consult or embassy affidavit fees, the rest of the paperwork costs of legal marriage registration is our treat. Every countries requirements are different so check with your local consult before hand or ask us we know most countries paperwork procedures.
    • We will arrange a suitable time to stop by the our wedding shop to get a final fitting of the Thai wedding attire and then return you to the hotel .

monk offering in thailand

On the wedding day:

    • Get up early! Adorn your Thai clothing (you choose at the shop earlier), we will pick up just before 5 am and head down to the silversmith area, where you will be instructed in and preform the proper cultural offering of food to monks for merit and good luck. Incense, flowers, candles and food is included in the package.
    • Break for breakfast, maybe back to hotel for a nap.
    • Then the bride will be taken to prepare and change for the wedding ceremony
    • We will collect groom who will be in Thai attire already.
    • Travel to the temple for Monk blessings and release of birds for merit.
    • The precession of the groom and supporters
    • The Luang Nam. will preform the Thai wedding ceremony, with strings that Tie you both forever.
    • Have the traditional viewing of the nuptial bedroom for guests and elders.
    • We can escort you to the registrar office and help with the translation and paper work to make your marriage legal and proper under Thai law and in most all countries.
    • We can arrange a certified translation of the Thai marriage license into English if needed.


Thai fire balloons

Also included in the package is:

    • Everything as listed above
    • Simple transportation
    • Use of Wedding attire for bride and groom (excluding foot wear)
    • Use of Thai jewelry for bride
    • Temple donation
    • Merit cost of birds
    • Merit cost of monks food in morning
    • Merit cost of monk blessing in AM
    • Offerings for the Luang Nam, gate guards.
    • Thai musician
    • Thai flower arrangement part of ceremony and for the symbolic nuptial bedroom.
    • Garlands for the bride and the groom.
    • Professional Photographer services as many as 300 picture pictures on DVD, We offer lots of photos as this is a very special event and lots of things to show friends and family back home.
    • Wedding night accommodation at venue for newly weds if desired.


This is normally all included in the base price of 49,000 Baht.

The Deluxe Thailand or Royal wedding service See here.

We normally wind the simple wedding party by 10:30pm and the couple has had a very full day and they wish to relax by themselve we're sure. If you or your guest wish to party loudly after that we will transport back to the city where wilder parties can continue in local bars till the early morning.


Think this may be just what you want then contact me for more information contact Jit

If you wish to Talk direct to me over the net through Skype (a free service)
Please feel free but notice we are + 7 hrs GMT
or email me and we can set a time for me to phone you no matter where you live!.

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For more information contact Jit at Thailand Weddings
For Term and Conditions click here


What you need to provide yourself!

1. "Affidavits fees" as they differ with consulate, and supporting documents see you countries requirements. Please note we do not cover the fees of the consulates affidavits or their paperwork, but do cover the translations and Foreign Ministry charges and registry charges if you wish to have the marriage registered in Thailand. You must have it registered here for most countries to consider you legally married. It is your responsibility to assure you attain this if the marriage is to be registered in Thailand.
2. Your own foot wear as Thailand has few large sizes, so best you bring your own to match your choice of wedding attire.
3. Hand woven silk wedding attire.Our highest quality wedding attire created from Thai silk woven by the very same silk weavers that weave for the Royal household is not include in this quote. (About 20,000 Baht extra and 3 months lead time if you desire a custom handmade Thai silk cloth)
4. Wedding bands.
5. Accommodation other than Listed.


For more information contact Jit

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